Web Site Strategy & General Consulting

  • Whether you're already using web technology or just getting started, we can help you understand where the power of the Web lies and formulate an effective strategy for utilizing it. 

  • Usability Study—Review your site and provide suggestions on ways to improve the user experience, increase web traffic, add functionality, etc.

Find the right service provider (ISP) to host your site

  • There are literally thousands of companies offering web hosting services, and finding the one that will meet your needs can be a time-consuming process. We can help!

Domain Name Research & Registration

  • Deciding on the right domain name is only part of the process - you also need to check availability and register that name. We can guide you through the process, or do it for you!

Web Site Design

  • We specialize in designing attractive, functional Web pages that are optimized for easy access by your intended audience. A balanced approach to text and graphics insures that your site will load on the customer's Web browser quickly.
  • We'll use any existing artwork that you have or create new logos, charts, and any other art or multimedia you need.

Web Page Coding

  • Once you've approved a deign approach we write the HTML code that will display your content, graphics, and links.

E-Commerce and Other Web-based Applications

  • System planning, work flow and user task analysis, detailed information/process flow diagrams
  • DHTML, CSS, Javascript, and/or working with your programming team to incorporate database access via ASP, JSP, JAVA, etc.

Site Promotion

  • Once your site is posted, we can assist you with promoting your Web sites, including submission to search engines and business directories.


  • Already have a web site? Call on us when you want to add, update, or make adjustments that will improve your site's performance!

Redesign Existing Site

  • Does your web site feel dated? No longer fully reflects what your business has to offer? Maybe it's time for a redesign! We can take what works from your existing site, and add to it, give it a new look, and new new functionality.