These are just some of the projects that Sinnott Solutions Inc. has worked on.

Because the nature of the web is change, we cannot ensure that if you visit a site we've worked on will still represent the work we did, links are not included here. When we meet to discuss your project, we'll bring along detailed samples of our work for your review.

Web site design, coding, maintenance, and updates; site evaluation and testing - these are just a few of the challenges you face with your business web site. Sinnott Solutions Inc. specializes in Web Development for businesses — everything from helping with or creating your Internet presence or intranet to custom B-to-B solutions and web-based applications.

E-Commerce Work

Online Lease Credit Application and Credit Authorization — Worked with programmers and DBAs to create a web-based application used to collected lease application details which is submitted to the credit bureau, and a decision is returned. When a customer is approved, disclosures are presented and if accepted, and account is assigned. Site also included pages that are used to collect account information for new purchases once the account is verified.


Internet Work

Corporate Promotion — Created a general purpose information site including product details, client success stories, management background, contact information.

Non-profit Community Resource Information — Information and resources for people in need of mental health assistance.

Non-profit Foundation Information and Sponsorship Options— Information about the public education, program development, community relations, and fund raising performed in support of the programs and services of a New Jersey mental health group. Also included information on ways to contribute to the cause.

User Group Meeting— Site promoted a scheduled user group meeting, provided details about the conferences, seminars, and tutorials being offered; special events and "things to do" in the area; hotel and travel info; exhibitor list, and registration details. 


Intranet Work

Employee Information and Resources— Web site created to give employees access to the company calendar, company newsletter, phone list, etc.; an employee services tool gives each employee the ability to view his/her personnel information and paycheck online, update/add dependent information, or update home address information after a move.

Telesales Representative Registration Tool — Worked with corporate development team to create a self registration system that filtered tool access based on the user role.

Telesales Lease Application Tool — A web-based software application created to enable telesales reps to submit prequalifications and full credit checks for customers interested in leasing technology products and services.


Extranet Work

Reseller Customer Lease Application Tool —Complete extranet site including: registration, payment calculator, credit application, application tracking, supervisor level reporting, online document generation.


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